Grandaddy Mimm’s Moonshine

Grandaddy Mimm's Authentic Corn Whiskey and Moonshine, featuring our 140 proof Mule Kickin' High Octane,100 Proof Corn Whiskey, 40 Proof Apple Brown Betty Moonshine, 40 Proof Peach Cobbler Moonshine, 40 Proof Wild Cherry Cobbler Moonshine and coming soon 40 Proof Blueberry Cobbler Moonshine. 


Mule Kickin’ High Octane 140
140 Proof

The name says it all. Made the same way as our original Corn Whiskey only jacked up a bit. We recommend mixing this in your favorite drink, but we’ve known many who enjoy sipping it on a lazy afternoon, which leads into a really lazy evening, which leads to…


Corn Whisky
100 Proof

The flagship product in the Grandaddy Mimm’s lineup is made with the same simple ingredients that Jack “Mimm” McClure used back in the day. We make it the same way he did, only in controlled conditions (and we pay a few taxes). The Corn Whiskey is smooth straight, or it can be used to make virtually any drink imaginable. 


Authentic Apple
80 Proof

This product shocks a crowd. A nice medium proof sipping shine that has the strong corn taste. But that’s not all. Once you swallow, give it just a second and you’ll taste a hint of Red Delicious Apple. It’s a little magic trick we like to throw your way here at Grandaddy Mimm’s. The Authentic Apple Whiskey just needs to be poured over ice.  It is that simple.


Apple Brown Betty
40 Proof

Granny Sue McClure, Mimm’s wife, was as famous for her pies, cakes and breads as Mimm was for his moonshine. We’re proud to offer this traditional recipe that tastes like apple pie in a jar with Grandaddy’s favorite mountain spirits. 


Fresh Peach Cobbler
40 Proof

Nothing says Georgia more than fresh peaches, and that’s the flavor we’ve incorporated into one of our latest releases. Georgia peaches are only available for a short time, but our Fresh Peach Cobbler Moonshine can be enjoyed all year long. 


Wild Cherry Cobbler
40 Proof

Slightly tart, slightly sweet, our Cherry Cobbler Moonshine brings back memories of big family picnic in the back yard with fried chicken, fresh green beans, mashed taters and finished off with Cherry pie and home made ice cream. 


Blueberry Cobbler
40 Proof

Blueberries hanker back to the days when Granny Sue would pick fresh berries along the fence row pack them into her fresh pies. The smell of them baking would waft all over the countryside.