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Authentic North Georgia Moonshine

Grandaddy Mimm's Distillery & Gift Shop

Jack "Mimm" McClure (1914-1969) was a moonshiner and philanthropist in the North Georgia Mountains. Our authentic moonshine is crafted from his 1930 recipe, which is distilled and bottled locally. Come in and try the best moonshine you'll ever taste.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday

11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Closed on Sundays

Closed on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day

Distillery Tastings & Tours


Guests are invited to spend about 20 minutes with a tour guide, learning about the history of moonshine, the story behind our company, and the intricate details of the distillation process. This activity costs $5.00 per person.

*Saturdays- Tours occur every 30 minutes.

For those guests who are pressed for time, we offer tastings of our products for $5 per person. Taste up to 5 products NEAT. Tastings are offered throughout the day on a first come, first serve basis.

Available now
Limited Edition 
Mule Kickin High Octane 
140 Proof
  Indian Corn Recipe Corn Recipe
 93 Proof
High-Proof Clear Flavors

Authentic Corn Recipe 
100 Proof
Authentic Apple Brandy
80 Proof 
Cherry Cobbler
40 Proof
 Apple Brown Betty
40 Proof 
 Fresh Peach Cobbler
40 Proof 
 Blueberry Cobbler 
40 Proof 

Tastings and Distillery Tours Prices 

Tasting Only


Distillery Tour Only


Distillery Tour, Tasting & Souvenir Shot Glass


Grandaddy Mimms Moonshine Flavors

Mule Kickin High Octane 140 proof


Authentic Corn Recipe 100 proof


Authentic Apple Recipe 
80 proof


Apple Brown Betty 
40 proof 


Fresh Peach Cobbler
40 proof


Wild Cherry Cobbler
40 proof


Blueberry Cobbler
 40 proof 


Indian Corn Moonshine
93 proof



Upcoming Special Events

Grandaddy Mimm's Distillery is known for its fundraising concerts and other events. Our summer concert series supported such charities as Snack In A Backpack, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Union County Sheriff's Pet Rescue, Wholly Cats, and Castaway Critters.

Anniversary Party 

In October 2016 our Grand Opening Party was held on site with bands such as Steven Phillips, The Tom Floyd Band, Waymore's Outlaws and Shooter Jennings. There were approximately 1500 people sitting in lawn chairs, enjoying the music.

Grandaddy Mimm's Distillery is also available for private, corporate, or large group events. For information please give us a call at (706) 781-1829.

The Grandaddy Mimm's Story

Grandaddy Mimm's Distillery and Gift Shop 161 Pappy's Plaza     Blairsville, GA 30512    706-781-1829

From deep in the woods of the North Georgia mountains, comes a new whiskey with flavors as deep and rich as the history behind it. In the early 1930's Jack "Mimm" McClure started making bootleg whiskey in the rural area of Young Harris, Georgia - about two hours northeast of Atlanta. His recipes for Apple Brandy, Peach Brandy and Corn Whiskey produced some of the smoothest brews around those parts, and it was strong enough to fuel a car - for those who could afford one - and cure the common cold. Mimm passed away in 1969, and though the recipe remained in the family, not another drop was produced. until now...

Mimm's grandson, Tommy Townsend, was only two when his infamous grandfather died, but the stories of the fear and respect his grandfather commanded - along with never ending reports of charity and compassion - in those parts are engrained in his life today. Family talk about his grandfather's moonshine prompted Tommy to question his mother and uncle about the recipe. With the family's blessing, he began the process of producing Grand Daddy Mimm's Whiskey using the same recipe and the same simple ingredients with all of the taste and tradition enjoyed by common folk, celebrities and high-powered politicians 80 years ago.

Tommy Townsend met Waylon Jennings when he was a teenager and they became fast friends. Waylon mentored Tommy in the country music business and produced Tommy's first CD when he was 22 years old. When Waylon died, his original backer band asked Tommy to join them as their lead singer. The Waymore's Outlaws began touring in the US and Europe, with Shooter Jennings, Kid Rock and Hank Williams, Jr., just to name a few. While touring, Tommy met a guy and they started talking about moonshine. When Tommy told him that his Grandaddy Mimm was a lifetime bootlegger in Towns County, GA, the guy asked if he could get the recipe. Tommy called his Uncle George who still remembered the original recipe, and in 2012 Mimm's recipe was used to make moonshine for the first time since the 1960's. In 2016 Grandaddy Mimm's Moonshine Distillery was opened in Blairsville, GA where customers could buy a tour of the distillery and receive a complimentary bottle of moonshine. The new Georgia state law passed in March 2017 allowing direct sales to the public as of September 1, 2017. 

Tommy's sister, Debby Townsend, is the manager of the distillery and his dad, Roy Townsend runs the bottling machine. It truly is a family business and we are proud of using the old-time methods developed by Grandaddy Mimm.


Drink Responsibly and Tithe on Sunday

Jack S. "Mimm" McClure